2019 WDSC Meeting

On April 6, 2018, the CBDS Administrative Management Collaborators, Deborah Dias and Josiane Poleski, together with the Representative of Commission of the Deaf Athletes of the CBDS Suzana Alves, attended two meetings in the capital of São Paulo to discuss the organization of the World Swimming of the Deaf, to be held in August 2019, in this city.

In the morning, they met with the Deputy Secretary, Mr. Luiz Carlos Lopes, of the Secretariat for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the State of São Paulo, seeking logistical support such as transportation and graphic materials to minimize the costs to be passed on to the participants of the event.

In the afternoon, another meeting took place with the operations managers of the Brazilian Paralympic Training Center, Marcos Garcia and Fernando Partelli, to know the structures of this CTPB (pool and free area), and to discuss the general organization of the event, such as accreditation, access control, etc. We also had the meeting with Mr. Vinicius Fernandes to know the structure of hotel in the place.

Our thanks to all for the receptivity and the translators-interpreters, Claudio Maroto and Adriana Venancino, for the mediation of LSB-Portuguese communication in these meetings.

We would like to inform you that Mr. Reed Gershwind, Technical Director of Swimming of the ICSD, will come to Brazil at the end of July this year to conduct a survey of the sites and meetings with the CBDS Team.

Source: CBDS

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